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SEO Redesign Services


A website redesign is a great way to breathe new life into your brand.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to downgrade or even destroy the search engine authority of your site in the process.

Lagom Media  has assisted many clients over the years in successful transitions to new site designs while preserving their search engine authority, saving our clients many millions of dollars in the process.

How Influence Your Audience Can Help

Lagom Media will carefully guide you through the delicate task of maintaining the value of your site as seen by the search engines.

We’ll crawl the existing site with our proprietary SEO Crawl tool, review your analytics and Search Console data, and analyze your site structure in detail. We will help ensure proper redirection of your URLs and assist you through the update of your site from start to finish.

Our Website Redesign SEO Services will:

  • Maintain your hard-won SEO authority.
  • Prepare a detailed plan for the redirection of your URLs.
  • Ensure a smooth transition to your new site design.
  • Provide all stakeholders in your organization with critical SEO information.
  • Pressure-test your new design and architecture for SEO, before the site is live.
  • Test the site after relaunch to verify success.

Contact us now to learn more about how Lagom Media Website SEO Redesign Services can help ensure your redesign is a successful endeavor.


About Us  

We are committed to achieving success and we will stand with you through every leap and stride as your brand grows into a world-class business !! 


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