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Google Manual Penalty Recovery Services

Our experts are on  stand ready to help you get your hard-earned traffic back.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

When you have received notification of a manual penalty against your site from Google you need quick and decisive action. A manual penalty can affect anything from portions of your site to your entire site, but in any case, your web traffic will likely drop dramatically. You need help fast, but you need to be certain that help will be effective.

Influence Your Audience experts have proven experience helping more than 100 sites recover from Google penalties and restore their valuable web traffic.

How Influence Your Audience Can Help

Our recovery rate for clients hit with a manual penalty is especially high because we understand the issues and know how to resolve them. We devote the full strength of our experience, knowledge, time and proprietary tools to remove your penalty.

All our penalty recovery work includes managing your reconsideration request to Google, interpreting any responses, and educating your staff in best practices to avoid any future penalties.

Our services for link-related penalties will:

  • Provide analysis of the links that most likely caused your penalty.
  • Use the power of our proprietary BackLink Profiler tool to ensure no offending links will be missed.
  • Handle outreach to request removal of bad links.
  • Prepare and upload your disavowal file.

Our services for content-related penalties will:

  • Provide analysis of the content problems that likely caused your penalty, including duplicate content, thin content, doorway page problems and more.
  • Provide a plan for retiring or eliminating unnecessary content.
  • Provide a roadmap for leveraging SEO tags such as rel=canonical, NoIndex, rel=prev/next, and tools such as robots.txt and 301 redirects to address thin content problems.
  • Create a strategy for enhancing the content of your site, by improving existing pages and/or creating new ones.

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