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Panda Penalty Recovery Solutions

Our experts are on  stand ready to help you get your hard-earned traffic back.

Panda Penalty Recovery


SolutionsExcessive poor content can cause Google’s Panda algorithm to lower rankings for your site. Like manual penalties, Panda will cause a drop in your site traffic that can affect your bottom line unless the issues are corrected.

The good news: it is possible to recover from Panda, and the SEO experts at Stone Temple stand ready to help you get your hard-earned traffic back.

How Influence Your Audience Can Help

Drawing on our deep knowledge of content and SEO best practices, Influence Your Audience has helped numerous client sites recover from Panda. With our experience, insight, and collaborative, hands-on approach, we can help you restore your traffic, and build it to even greater heights than before.

Our Panda Recovery Service will:

  • Confirm whether Panda is the cause of your traffic drop.
  • Provide a detailed listing of the pages likely causing the problem.
  • Show your team how to improve existing content worth saving.
  • Detail the recipes for handling content that should be deleted or removed from the Google index using SEO tags.
  • Educate your staff and content creators in penalty-proof content creation.

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